2023-2024 Profitability Challenge

Steer Requirements: 

• Only Steers 

• Weight range – 500 – 750 lbs. at the time of delivery

• Birth Date Range: 1/15/23 to 4/15/23 

• Weaning Date Range: 8/15/23 to 10/15/23 

• Two rounds of shots, at least 1 modified live 

• BVD-PI negative prior to delivery 

• Steers must be polled or dehorned

• Castration must occur prior to weaning 

• Animals must be entered in the ASA Database (MCA will assist with data entry) 

• Either sire or dam of the animal on file in the ASA Database (MCA will assist with data entry).

Producer Requirements: 

• Producer must be an MCA member 

• Producer must be BQA Certified 

• Producer must create an account with ASA (MCA will assist producer with creating an account)

Producer Receive: 

• Monthly Feed Intake Data 

• Final Carcass Performance Data Report


• MCA will purchase steers, at 50% of market value, based on a two-day average weight 

• The steers will be weighed upon delivery, steers not meeting the requirements will not be purchased by MCA, however, producer can receive data for steer. The producer will retain ownership, be responsible for all expenses incurred and will receive payment for steer after harvest. Steer will not be eligible for Profitability Challenge Contest 

• The program will include FFA members through a “Fantasy Feeding” aspect, similar to “Fantasy Football” 

• GrowSafe Technology will be utilized to determine real time intakes, performance and call sheets  

• Missouri Cattlemen’s will host a feedyard open house to view the cattle and see the program in action 

• MU will host a seminar to view the performance data, closeouts, etc. at the end of the contest  

• All decisions at the discretion of feedlot  

• Harvest will occur approximately June 2024


 Profitability challenge data