2019 MCA All- BreedS Junior Show

Congratulations to all participants on a successful weekend! 

For results of the show, please see below.

2019 Supreme Champion Market Animal

Ciara Raithel, Mexico, MO


2019 Reserve Supreme Market Animal 

Grace Busch, St. James, MO


Thank you to Pearl's Pics for the backdrop photos.

2019 3rd Overall Market Animal 

Avery Schroeder, Miami, MO


2019 4th Overall Market Animal 

Ty Murphy, Houstonia, MO


2019 5th Overall Market Animal 

Charlotte Lloyd, Windsor, MO

Foundation Simmental

2019 Supreme Champion Heifer

Mikayla Storck, Concordia, MO

Simmental - 9/4/2017 - PVF Dream Lady E70

2019 Reserve Supreme Heifer

Paige Birk, Gordonville, MO

Angus - 11/04/2017 - Birks Lady 7150

Thank you to Pearl's Pic for the backdrop photos. 

2019 3rd Overall Heifer

Paige Henderson, Buffalo, MO

Hereford - 9/07/2018 - BB 0245 Fancy Diamond 410FET

2019 4th Overall Heifer

Rance Wheeler, Paris, MO


2019 5th Overall Heifer

Dalton Edwards, Higginsville, MO

Limousin - 10/05/2017 - SEEE Eternity

2019 Breed Champions:  


Bred and Owned Heifer: Grand - Paige Birk, Reserve - Olivia Gerloff

Owned Heifer: Grand - Rance Wheeler, Reserve - Ciara Raithel

Bred and Owned Bull: Grand - Ciara Raithel, Reserve - Annalise Mead

Steer: Grand - Ciara Raithel, Reserve - Grace Busch 


Heifer: Ahna Sinclair


Heifer: Grand - Kaden Garrison, Reserve -Jackson Ebert 

Bull: Grand - Kaden Garrison, Reserve - Abe Carrender

Charolais Composite

Heifer: Grand - Aubrie Burton, Reserve - Aiden Kleinman

Steers: Grand - Dylan Deuschle, Reserve - Hailey Eads


Heifer: Grand - Ryleigh Morris, Reserve - Paisley Nelson


Steer: Grand - Addison Colvin, Reserve - Gracen Colvin


Heifer: Grand - Paige Henderson, Reserve - Kinleigh Bolin

Cow/Calf: Grand - Taylor Miller, Reserve - Jacob Toombs

Bull: Grand - Taylor Miller, Reserve - Atley Kleinman

Steer: Grand - Chase Simmons, Reserve - Cole Murphy


Heifer: Grand - Dalton Edwards, Reserve - Kole Lewis  

Cow/Calf: Grand - Chelsea Pinnell

Bull: Grand - Ellie Dill, Reserve - Ranae Poole

Steer: Grand -  Chelseae Pinnell, Reserve - Lydia Hunt

Maine Anjou

Heifer: Grand - Nicholas Rhodes, Reserve -  Morgan Lazenby

Steer: Grand - Lea Simmons, Reserve - Morgan Lazenby 


Heifer: Grand - Oakley Dowling, Reserve - Kennedy Stone

Steer: Grand - Avery Schroeder, Reserve - Gabby Hapes

Red Angus

Heifer: Grand - Danica Lowrey, Reserve - August Bertz 

Bull: Grand - Shannon Jenkins


Heifer: Grand - Elizabeth Stigall, Reserve - Neal Barnett

Steer: Grand - Mattie McKee, Reserve - Neal Barnett


Heifer: Grand - Kinleigh Bolin, Reserve - Kegan Buckingham

Bulls: Grand - Lexi Smith, Reserve - Bailey Klise

Steers: Grand - Kylee Dameron, Reserve - Danielle Wildschnetz

Shorthorn Plus

Heifer: Grand - Mardee Sadowsky, Reserve - Aida Cassil

Bull: Grand - Lexi Smith, Reserve - Lexi Smith

Steer: Grand - Brennen Davis, Reserve - Brecken Jones

Foundation Simmental

Heifer: Grand - Lucas Crutcher, Reserve - Cheyenne Withrieh

Steer: Grand - Charlotte Lloyd


Heifer: Grand - Mikayla Storck, Reserve - Olivia Gerloff

Cow/Calf: Grand - Tasha Eggleston-Wood

Steer: Grand - Ty Murphy, Reserve - Presley McDonald


Heifer: Grand - Weston Lloyd, Reserve - Barton Marriott

Cow/Calf Pair: Grand - Kaylee Lower, Reserve - Jadyn Lower

Steer: Grand - Payton Heman, Reserve - Marshall Kable

Market Heifer

Grand - Hailey Eads, Reserve - Jillian Bryant  

2019 Showmanship Winner:  

Junior Showmanship (8-13)

Angus - Annalise Mead

Brangus - Ahna Sinclair

Charolais -  Atley Patrick

Chianina - Paisley Nelson

Balancer - Gracen Colvin

Hereford - Kinleigh Bolin

Limousin - Ellie Dill

Maine Anjou - Adrianne Bryant

Mainetainer - Kenzie Milligan

Red Angus - Cass Kleeman

Salers - Elizabeth Stigall

Shorthorn - Kinleigh Bolin

Shorthorn Plus - Ada Cassil

Simmental - Ella Fischer

Foundation Simmental - Cinch Dowling

Crossbred - Barton Marriott

Market Heifer - Hailey Eads

Grand Champion Junior Showman - Hailey Eads, Trenton, MO

Reserve Supreme Champion Junior Showman - Kinleigh Bolin, Walnut Grove, MO

Senior Showmanship (14-21)

Angus - Ciara Raithel

Charolais - Kaden Garrison

Chianina - Ryleigh Morris 

Balancer - Asia Marriott

Hereford - Cole Murphy  

Limousin - Drake Wood

Maine Anjou - Nicholas Rhodes

Mainetainer - Gabby Hapes 

Red Angus - August Bertz

Salers - Valerie Barnett

Shorthorn - Kameron Collier

Shorthorn Plus - Mardee Sadowsky 

Foundation Simmental - Lucas Crutcher 

Simmental - Olivia Gerloff

Crossbred - Abby Wolfe

Market Heifer - Jillian Bryant

Supreme Grand Champion Senior Showman - Ciara Raithel, Mexico, MO

Reserve Supreme Champion Senior Showman - Cole Murphy, Houstonia, MO