41st Annual MCA All- Breeds Junior Show

The 2024 MCA All-Breeds Junior Show will be held 

June 6-9 on the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia, MO

2024 sCHEDULE 

Registration Information

Registration is now open for the 2024 MCA All-Breeds Junior Show. Keep an eye on the show's Facebook page (MCA Junior Programs) and this website for more information!

 Online Registration here 

2024 New Rules

Please review the updated rule and regulations for the 2024 MCA All-Breeds Junior Show


Due to the increase in registrations, we will be 

assigning stalls this year at the 41st All-Breeds Junior Show.

2024 MCA All-Breeds Junior Show Results

2024 Supreme Champion Market Animal

Lanie Hill


2024 Reserve Supreme Market Animal 

Aubrie Burton

Market Heifer

Backdrop pictures coming soon!
Thank you to Pearl's Pics for the backdrop photos.

2024 3rd Overall Market Animal 

Gracen Colvin


2024 4th Overall Market Animal 

Dylan Deuschle


2024 5th Overall Market Animal 

Cason Thomas

Maine Anjou 

2024 Supreme Champion Heifer

Chelsea Pinnell


2024 Reserve Supreme Heifer

Cealy Bedwell

Foundation Simmental

Backdrop pictures coming soon!
Thank you to Pearl's Pic for the backdrop photos. 

2024 3rd Overall Heifer

Annaliese Mead

Angus Bred & Owned

2024 4th Overall Heifer

Sache Dowling
All Other Breeds 

2024 5th Overall Heifer

Madelyn Grace Thompson


2024 Supreme Champion Bull

Kaitlyn Burns

Angus Bred & Owned

2024 Reserve Supreme Bull

Atley Kleinman


Backdrop pictures coming soon! 
Thank you to Pearl's Pic for the backdrop photos.

2024 3rd Overall Bull

Annie Stewart


2024 4th Overall Bull

Olivia Gerloff


2024 5th Overall Bull

Corbin Brockhaus


2024 Showmanship Winners -

2024 Senior Showmanship -

Grand Champion Overall Senior Showman - Alexis Koelling

Reserve Grand Champion Overall Senior Showman - Jenna Richterkessing

2024 Intermediate Showmanship - 

Grand Champion Overall Intermediate Showman - Addison Ward

Reserve Champion Overall Intermediate Showman - Nora Kate McGaugh

2024 Junior Showmanship -

Grand Champion Overall Junior Showman - Connelly Ward

Reserve Champion Overall Junior Showman - Burton Hulse

*New This Year* 2024 Peewee Showmanship - 

Grand Champion Overall Peewee Showman - Emma Chamberlain

Reserve Grand Overall Peewee Showman - Kharis Wilson

2024 Junior Photo Contest Results

Congratulations to all participants!

Around the Farm

1st Place

Age Division: Junior

Burton Hulse, Hannibal, MO

Entry Title: God Makes it Grow


1st Place

Age Division: Junior

Madelyn Thompson, Amity, MO

Entry Title: Hugs & Kisses


1st Place

Age Division: Junior

Burton Hulse, Hannibal, MO

Entry Title: Good Night


1st Place

Age Division: Junior

Kenna Witte, Stover, MO

Entry Title: Fun with Dad

Around the Farm

1st Place 

 Age Division: Senior

Regan Sneed, Houstonia, MO

 Entry Title: After the Storm


1st Place

Age Division: Senior

Reagan Sneed, Houstonia, MO

 Entry Title: A Mother's Love


1st Place 

Age Division: Senior 

Tory Miller, Lebanon, MO    

Entry Title: So God Made A Farmer


1st Place 

Age Division: Senior 

Tory Miller, Lebanon, MO   

Entry Title: Show Barn Life

2024 MCA Junior Photo Contest Participants

Eli Dehan, LaMonte, Mo - Entry: "Whatcha Doin?"

Eli Dehan, LaMonte, Mo - Entry: "Giraffe In Training"

Eli Dehan, LaMonte, Mo - Entry: "Farmer's Pot of Gold"

Eli Dehan, LaMonte, Mo - Entry: "Get Off My Lawn" 

Oakley Schoen, Holt, Mo - Entry: "Patiently Waiting"

Oakley Schoen, Holt, Mo - Entry: "Sea of Purple" 

Chase Litton, Boonville, Mo - Entry: "Watching the Herd"

Chase Litton, Boonville, Mo - Entry: "Interrupted Nap" 

Chase Litton, Boonville, Mo - Entry: "After The Storm" 

Lilyan March, Greentop, Mo - Entry: "Peaceful Night in the Hay Field"

Lilyan March, Greentop, Mo - Entry : "Heifers in The Sunset"

Lilyan March, Greentop, Mo - Entry: "Hay... What's Up?"

Burton Hulse, Hannibal, Mo - Entry: "The Next One"

Burton Hulse, Hannibal, Mo - Entry: "Behind The Scene Showman" 

Abby Holsten, Stover, Mo - Entry: "Family"

Abby Holsten, Stover, Mo - Entry: "Triple Threat"

Abby Holsten, Stover, Mo - Entry: "Mother's Protection"

Emily Holsten, Stover, Mo - Entry: "First Born Baby"

Emily Holsten, Stover, Mo - Entry : "It's The Cool Days" 

Emily Holsten, Stover, Mo - Entry: "Snack Time"

Zane Witte, Stover, Mo -Entry: "Red Power"

Tory Miller, Lebanon, Mo - Entry: "Got Feed?"

Regan Sneed, Houstonia, Mo - Entry: "Make A Wish"

2024 Breed Champions:  


Champion Angus Cow/Calf Pair: Joey Todd - HS LADY QUEEN 56 559   

Champion Bred & Owned Angus Heifer: Annaliese Mead - HILLARD/MEAD PRIDE EVER 306 

Reserve Champion Bred & Owned Angus Heifer: Burton Hulse - HFF FRONTIER GAL 320   

Champion Owned Angus Heifer: Mallarie Yokley - MLA PROVEN QUEEN 2331

Reserve Champion Owned Angus Heifer: Jace Pipkin - TDFC FOREVER LADY 2308   

Champion Bred & Owned Angus Bull: Kaitlyn Burns - PBA MM CASH MAN 2032

Reserve Champion Bred & Owned Angus Heifer: Joseph Keene - KEENE DYNAMIC 3526   

Champion Angus Market Steer: Hesston Vangenderen - WHEELER ALPHA 3956

Reserve Champion Angus Market Steer: Kye Lehenbauer - HUNTERS PRIMO 3724


Champion Beefmaster Female: Harper Rutledge - PCB Emory 2368

Reserve Champion Beefmaster Female: Colton Simmons - JnA Magnificent Piper

Champion Beefmaster Bull: Harper Rutledge - Hillbilly Deluxe

Reserve Champion Beefmaster Bull: Brynlee Cobb - DBLH BABY FACE


Champion Charolais Female: Gates Peuster - Wc Lace 3329

Reserve Champion Charolais Female: Atley Patrick - CCC ms Hallie 3526

Champion Charolais Bull: Annie Stewart - CH MR Vegas 55L

Reserve Champion Charolais Bull: Hayden Birge - BCF All In 0224 P

Champion Charolais Steer: Avery Schroeder - Sonny 

Charolais Composite 

Champion Charolais Composite Female: Jackson Stone - SCF EDC MISS FANTASTIC

Reserve Champion Charolais Composite Female: Adler Patrick - PL ms Sterling 320

Champion Charolais Composite Steer: Clara Taylor - CH Mack 708L


Champion Chianina Female: Owen Schroeder - JSUL WHO DAT 3397L "Tootsie"

Reserve Champion Chianina Female: Avery Schroeder - JSUL WHO DAT 3260L "Cher"

Champion Chianina Steer: Dylan Deuschle - L1

Reserve Champion Chianina Steer: Trenton  Wahn - LFCC USTP 5 35C


Champion Gelbvieh Female: Kolton Phillips - GDX LANNEY 341L

Reserve Champion Gelbvieh Female: Callie Allen - Ms Hamilton 23K 

Champion Gelbvieh Steer: Celia Durand - Samule

Reserve Gelbvieh Steer: Allie Johnson - Louie


Champion Balancer Female: Trinity Dreckshage - 3L CINDY

Reserve Champion Balancer Female: Easton Chamberlin - TTG Twisted T Lady 2L


Champion Hereford Female: Madelyn Grace Thompson - CW CC MERLOT 300 ET (300) 

Reserve Champion Hereford Female: Davis Ward - MAV Trixie 367L

Champion Hereford Bull: Atley Kleinman - CORKS ARK THE GENERAL 2222 ET

Reserve Champion Hereford Bull: Aiden Kleinman - CHIP

Champion Hereford Steer: Tylea Collins - Murph

Reserve Champion Hereford Steer: Grant Ward - MAV Jack 382L ET

Mini Hereford

Champion Mini Hereford Female: Kellen Schaller Mini Hereford Heifer 9/16/2023 QM Dotty


Champion Limousin Female: Chelsea Pinnell - NCC Kiki 209K

Reserve Champion Limousin Female: Cinch Dowling - SHSK Sarabi 309L ET

Champion Limousin Bull: Corbin Brockhaus - CBHS Kingston

Reserve Champion Limousin Bull: Sam Callahan - SJOC Laredo 3002L

Champion Limousin Steer: Aubrey Ritchie - Winston

Reserve Champion Limousin Steer: Afton Palisch - BBPB Leroy 227L

Maine Anjou

Champion Maine Anjou Female: Jenna Richterkessing - DJD Princess 260K

Reserve Champion Maine Anjou Female: Tysen Wilson - PSF Peach Crown 

Champion Maine Anjou Bull: Jenna Richterkessing - DJD Whiskey Bent 

Reserve Champion Maine Anjou Bull: Jenna Richterkessing - DJD Drinkin Problem 201K

Champion Maine Anjou Steer: Cason Thomas - DID Maverick


Champion Maintainer Female: Cinch Dowling - JSBC Miss Bank 2L ET

Reserve Champion Maintainer Female: Bennett Kueker - Laila

Champion Maintainer Steer: Gracen Colvin - Vegas-Good As It Gets

Reserve Champion Maintainer Steer: Kaitlynn Van De Wiele - Norman

Red Angus

Champion Red Angus Female: Charlie Tyre - TW Barra Dell 320L 

Reserve Champion Red Angus Female: Brynli Inman-Sonnenfelt - 2 JTVM Anna

Champion Red Angus Bull: William Abbott - Zells Old Red

Champion Red Angus Steer: Braxton Switzer - Brax Luke 394 

Percentage Red Angus 

Champion Percentage Red Angus Female: Brynli Inman-Sonnenfelt - JB SLC Turkey

Reserve Champion Percentage Red Angus Female: Brynli Inman-Sonnenfelt - JTVM Anna


Champion Shorthorn Female: Mealiea Cover - MM Proud Fool 98L ET

Reserve Champion Shorthorn Female: Addison Ward - CF Rosebud 3126 EV X ET

Champion Shorthorn Bull: Austin Schabbing - Schab's Gotta Do It 

Reserve Champion Shorthorn Bull: Bobby Wilson - MAVERICK 1018 WFS

Champion Shorthorn Steer: Arianna Wahn Shorthorn Steer 45011 Cupid

Shorthorn Plus

Champion Shorthorn Plus Female: Nora Kate McGaugh - AF Shannon MARGIE 2313

Reserve Champion Shorthorn Plus Female: Austin Schabbing - Schab's Foolin Kay

Champion Shorthorn Plus Bull: Jaymie Collins - JCHFF EP Pearl 90

Champion Shorthorn Plus Steer: Kendall Taylor - OFFSET 305L 

Foundation Simmental

Champion Foundation Simmental Female: Cealy Bedwell - Cat Ruby 33L

Reserve Champion Foundation Simmental Female: Mallarie Yokley - JSUL WHO'S DARLING 3389L

Champion Foundation Simmental Bull: Grant Meyer -TKCF SSF/BS Apollo Creed

Reserve Champion Foundation Simmental Bull:  Shelby Mankey  - Watchman


Champion Simmental Female: Cass Kleeman - R2C Blackcap 3749L

Reserve Champion Simmental Female: Addison Ward - TDFC Emma 06L

Champion Simmental Bull: Olivia Gerloff - Gerloff Right Above It 

Reserve Champion Simmental Bull: Hailey Eads - t-t dynamo

Champion Simmental Steer: Eli Dehan - Rickey

Reserve Champion Simmental Steer: Bailey Russow - Koe


Champion Crossbred Female: Sache Dowling - Wallace Yolanda 388L

Reserve Champion Crossbred Female: Olivia Gerloff - Abby

Champion Crossbred Bull: Cutler Epperson - CE Gangster

Reserve Champion Crossbred Bull: Gauge Brockhaus - Henry

Champion Crossbred Steer: Lanie Hill - Louie

Reserve Champion Steer: Bailey Russow - Kong

All Other Breeds

All Other Breeds Champion Female: Sache Dowling - VZR SHEZA QUEEN 302L

All Other Breeds Reserve Champion Female: Owen Schroeder - MINN 1121 KATIE 9BL ET "KATY PERRY"

Market Heifer 

Champion Market Heifer: Aubrie Burton - BFR Pearl L94

Reserve Champion Market Heifer: Gracen Colvin - Marilyn

2024 Showmanship Winners:

Junior Showmanship

Angus – Cealy Bedwell & Burton Hulse

Beefmaster - Brynlee Cobb

Charolais - Oakley Schoen 

Charolais Composite - Jackson Stone

Crossbred - Kinzie Waibel

Foundation Simmental - Lily Creason

Gelbvieh - Callie Allen

Hereford - Connelly Ward 

Limousin - Case Brockhaus 

Maintainer - Addison Durham 

Market Heifer - Autumn White

Red Angus - Easton Chamberlain

Percentage Red Angus - Brynli Inman-Sonnefelt

Salers - Bethany Twiehaus

Shorthorn - Murphy Fahrmeier

Simmental - Ryker Turner

All Other Breeds - Owen Schroeder 

Intermediate Showmanship

Angus – Annalise Mead & Cass Kleeman

Charolais - Atley Patrick

Chinaina - Avery Schroeder

Crossbred - Lanie Hill

Foundation Simmental - Rhett Keaton

Gelbvieh - Leighton Tinney

Hereford - Addison Ward

Limousin - Peyton Heman

Maine Anjou - Tysen Wilson

Maintainer - Cinch Dowling

Market Heifer - Aubrie Burton

Red Angus - Frank Hazelrigg

Percentage Red Angus - Braxton Switzer 

Salers - Saydi Hagedorn

Shorthorn - Ty Wright & Mealiea Cover

Shorthorn Plus - Ty Wright & Nora Kate McGaugh

Simmental - Saydi Hagedorn & Jocee Maher

All Other Breeds - Sache Dowling & Cutler Epperson

Senior Showmanship  

Angus – Alexis Koelling

Charolais - Hayden Birge

Chinaina - Dylan Deuschle

Crossbred - Olivia Gerloff

Foundation Simmental - Mallarie Yokley

Hereford - Taylor Miller

Limousin - Ellie Dill

Maine Anjou - Jenna Richterkessing

Maintainer - Samantha Bain

Shorthorn - Kylee Dameron

Shorthorn Plus - Abby Dittmer

Simmental - Ella Fischer