The Beef House is a great opportunity for the Missouri Cattlemen's Association to promote the beef industry to consumers from across the state.

2021 Missouri Beef House Menu

Come join us in the Beef House for a delicious meal served by cattle producers from across the state! 

Beef House Volunteer Schedule
The 2021 Missouri State Fair is here! We are excited to have a fully operational state fair this year and look forward to serving all of our customers.

We rely on the work of volunteers from across the state to ensure the success of the Beef House at the fair each year. The volunteer schedule is posted to the right. If you do not see your group listed, but would like to come help out for a shift (or two!) please give Sydney Thummel a call at 573-499-9162, ext. 231. 

The Missouri Beef House was established in 1982 to promote Missouri's beef cattle industry by serving premium beef to the crowds at the Missouri State Fair. 

During the 2019 Missouri State Fair, more than 700 volunteers helped serve over 19,000 visitors. The annual success of the Missouri Beef House would not be possible without the gracious volunteers that serve during county shifts.