Property Rights  

The purpose of eminent domain is to acquire land for infrastructure and other critical needs for the betterment of the state. It was intended to be used as a last resort and not an easy avenue for private, for-profit companies to make money at the expense of landowners while providing little to no benefit to the state. MCA will support legislation to ensure eminent domain is not a tool used to deprive citizens of their private property rights. Click here for more information.

SB 1211 sponsored by Sen. Jason Bean
HB 1876 & HB 2005 sponsored by Rep. Mike Haffner 

Cattle Marketing  

While MCA has been leading the charge for long term structural changes in beef cattle markets and calls for investigations into the two black swan events, MCA will invest more time and resources in Washington, D. C., to pass meaningful measures to address price discovery and market transparency. 

S.543 sponsored by  Sen. Deb Fischer (Neb.)
H.R. 3766 sponsored by Rep. Vicky Hartzler (Mo.)

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