Property Rights

Eminent Domain Reform

Private property rights need to be at the forefront of all discussion and subsequent decisions made regarding eminent domain. Our state cannot continue rubberstamping energy projects that yield little-to-no benefit to Missouri, but drastically impact the rights of landowners. MCA will support legislation to require major energy projects to receive legislative approval prior to moving forward to the Public Service Commission. MCA will also support legislation that closes loopholes when it comes to eminent domain authority.  

SB 747- Sen. Mike Bernskoetter

HB 1750- Rep. Mike Haffner

HB 1805- Rep. Mike Haffner

Waters of the State

The U.S. Supreme Court rolled back the unconstitutional land grab, known as the WOTUS (Waters of the United States) Rule. MCA will support legislation to modify the “waters of the state” definition in the Missouri Clean Water to mirror the Court’s ruling and provide more regulatory certainty to landowners.   

SB 981- Sen. Rusty Black

HB 1691- Rep. Dean Van Schoiack 

Beginning Farmer Legislation

In 2023, MCA was a leader in passing legislation to provide tax deductions for farmers and ranchers that leased or sold land and/or assets to beginning farmers or ranchers. The intent was to reduce the financial burden on beginning farmers and ranchers. The aging farmer continues to become a major concern for our industry. MCA will support legislation to strengthen the beginning farmer language in state statutes to expand what entities are eligible.   

HB 2418- Rep. Dane Diehl

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