Property Rights

The purpose of eminent domain is to acquire land for infrastructure and other critical needs for the betterment of the state. It was intended to be used as a last resort. The five-person, Governor appointed Public Service Commission is responsible for designating eminent domain authority and handling complaints. The current structure of the commission allows for the void of rural/agricultural representation on the commission. This is especially concerning as the power grid has traditionally been built on the backs of farm and ranch families. MCA will support legislation to ensure eminent domain is not a tool used to deprive citizens of their private property rights. MCA will also support legislation to expand the size of the PSC to include representation of landowners.

SB 577 - Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin

SB 591 - Sen. Mike Bernskoetter

HB 1052 - Rep. Mike Haffner

HB 1044 - Rep. Mike Haffner

Farm and Ranch Viability

The average age of a farmer/ranch is nearing 60 years-old and less than 5 percent are under 35 years old. Repopulating the land with the next generation of food producers in essential. MCA led the  “Beginning Farmer Initiative” in 2015 as an incentive to keep land in production agriculture by allowing current agricultural asset owners to earn tax deductions for leasing or selling assets to beginning farmers. The legislation did not advance to a vote in the Missouri Senate. MCA will once again lead legislation to thoughtfully address the challenges association with transitioning productive farm and ranch property to the next generation.  

SB 588- Sen. Denny Hoskins

SB 618- Sen. John Rizzo

HB 1023- Rep, Dane Diehl 

Large animal veterinarians are essential to beef cattle producers. MCA will support the expansion and modification of the large animal veterinarian student loan program to allow for more students to participate and eventually practice in underserved areas in the state. This program simply helps students pay for veterinary school if they practice in an underserved rural area in the state. Funds are only available when the student completes his/her obligation. MCA will also support legislation that prohibits political subdivisions from promulgating scientifically unfounded ordinances restricting or interfering with the practice of veterinary medicine.  

HB 403- Rep. Kent Haden 

SB 529- Sen. Justin Brown 

HB 801- Rep. Jim Murphy 

SB 115- Sen. Justin Brown.

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