MCA Honors Junior Cattle Exhibitors

| January 18, 2022

OSAGE BEACH, MISSOURI (Jan. 18, 2022) - During the 54th Annual Missouri Cattle Industry Convention and Trade Show, junior beef cattle exhibitors were recognized for their hard work and success in the show ring. These junior showmen exhibited cattle at four shows sponsored by the Missouri Cattlemen's Association. Points based on class placings were accumulated during 2021 and the top exhibitors received prizes during the convention.   

The top five heifers were exhibited by Olivia Gerloff, Bland, showing the top two; Paisley Nelson, Platte City; Addison Ward, Oak Grove; and Kaden Garrison, Boss.   

Overall heifers in each breed were awarded as follows: Angus, Olivia Gerloff, Bland; Charolais, Kaden Garrison; Charolais Composite, Kallen Garrison; Chianina, Hailey Eads; Crossbred, Avery Schroeder; Gelbvieh and Balancer, Barton Marriott; Hereford, Addison Ward; Limousin, Ellie Dill; Maine Anjou, Frank Hazelrigg; MaineTainer, Carman Woodworth; Red Angus, Hunter Jones; Salers, Matthew Price; Shorthorn, Kegan Buckingham; Shorthorn Plus, Stetson Klise; Simmental, Olivia Gerloff; and Foundation Simmental, Paisley Nelson.   

The top five market animals were exhibited by Hailey Eads, Trenton, showing the top two; Isabella Bennett, Sedalia; Haleigh Ferguson, Smithton; and Olivia Gerloff, Bland.   

Overall market animals in each breed were awarded as follows: Angus, Olivia Gerloff; Charolais, Samantha Bain; Charolais Composite, Austin Thomas; Chianina, Hailey Eads; Crossbred, Cole Murphy; Hereford, Haleigh Ferguson; Limousin, Jillian Mudd; Maine Anjou, Ella Stephens; MaineTainer, Lawson Nieder; Red Angus, Jadyn Lower; Salers, Valerie Barnett; Shorthorn, Carman Woodworth; Shorthorn Plus, Abby Dittmer; Simmental, Hailey Eads; and Foundation Simmental, Hailey Eads.   

The 54th Annual Missouri Cattle Industry Convention and Trade Show was held January 7-9, 2022, at Margaritaville Lake Resort in Osage Beach, Missouri.