Producers in Missouri with Beef Available

Contact any of the producers below to source beef directly from their operations.

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**The Missouri Cattlemen's Association is providing this list of members who have indicated they have beef available and sell directly to consumers. We are in no way endorsing any particular provider and are not responsible for the product you receive or any part of the transaction.

Thummel Signature Beef

Jeff & Deb Thummel

Contact Deb @ (660) 541-2606

Email: [email protected]

Sheridan, MO

Clearwater Farm

Grass raised, grain finished Angus beef 

Halves, quarters, & individual cuts. 

 Jim & Joann Pipkin

Contact Joann @ (417) 827-2756

Springfield, MO

Clover Meadows Beef 

Matt & Jessica Hardecke

Contact Jessica @ (636) 376-7990 

Email: [email protected]


St. Louis, MO

Massey Land & Cattle

Charles & Kelly Massey 

Contact Kelly @ (417) 962-0181

Email: [email protected]


Cabool, MO

McBee Cattle

Ron & Teri McBee 

Contact Ron @ (573) 228-2517

Email: [email protected]


Fayette, MO

Legacy Ranch 

 Jose’ Cruz 

Contact Jose’ @ (314) 803-1104

Email: [email protected]

Rhineland, MO

Highway H Highland Cattle Ranch

Grass Fed/Grass Finished 

Scottish Highland Beef

By  the pound or by the package

Servicing a 25 mile radius including Lebanon and Camdenton. 

Bill or Kathy Bolch

Call us @ (417) 286-3540 or (774) 696-2344


Stoutland, MO

Hopewell Farms

We coordinate the sale of our animals in quarters, halves and wholes delivered to locker plants (in our area) of the customer’s choice.  

    Lynn and Patty Fodge

Contact Lynn @ (573) 721-5596 


Paris, MO

The Farm Shop -

Gleonda Angus Farms 

Leon & Glenda Kleeman 

Traves & Waylon Merrick

Contact Traves @ (417) 536-8080


Miller, MO

Bergman's Blest Ranch 

Custom Commercial Angus Beef 

 Grass or Grain Fed 

 Direct to Consumer 

 Cattle sold by live weight, consumer works directly with their meat processor. 

 Katrina Bergman 

 Contact Katrina @ (660) 424-0802 


Urich, MO

Crooked Creek Beef

Serving East Central MO

Bill & Linda McLaren 

Contact Linda @ (314) 805-2972


Pacific, MO

Miller Cattle Company

We currently have beef "hanging" in 2 locations in Boone County.

Freezer Beef 1/4's, 1/2's and Whole

Chuck Miller

Contact Chuck @ (573) 881-3589

Olean, MO

Red Cedar Ranch

Jordan, Megan & Ethan Richner 

Cell: (417) 496-1623 (call or text) 

Email: [email protected] 


El Dorado Springs & Stockton 

Witt Ranch

Nathan Witt

Contact Nathan @ (417) 459-1424

Website: [email protected]

Purdy, MO

Beatty & Cordell Farms 

Steve Cordell (660) 254-4042

Kelly Stiens (660) 254-4207


Parnell, MO

Rocking P Ranch

Jim & Cyndi Puyear

Call or Text Jim @ (660) 537-0174 

Text Cyndi at (573) 690-0676

Email: [email protected]

Facebook page:

Learn more about us at Missouri Grown:

Jamestown, MO

Brad Arnold 

Contact Brad @ (660) 679-7165

Drexel, MO

Brassfield Farms

Jim Brassfield 

Contact Jim @ (417) 293-5232

Our meats are state inspected and packaged in individual cuts, sold frozen. 

Our Angus cattle are raised on grass and finished with grain, no added hormones or antibiotics. 

Website: Brassfield Farms

West Plains, MO

Rowen Farms

Clint Rowen

Contact Clint @ (660) 799-2423

Email: [email protected]

1,500 lb steer scheduled with Weaver Meats in Afton, IA on April 6. 

½ Beef Available.

VB Ranch

Matthew, Tabitha & Don Van Black  

Phone: (417) 442-4277

Phone: (417) 770-3130


Email: [email protected] 

Bolivar, MO

TCSS  Farm

Tom and Candese Sanchez

Contact Candese @ (337) 654-1027 

New Boston, MO

Savannah's Farm Fresh

Savannah (Angell) Moore

Contact Savannah @  (573) 682-4562

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Savannah's Farm Fresh


Centralia, MO

Besher Farms 

 Charlie & Donnia Besher

Contact Charlie @ (573) 225-3138

Patton, MO 

Highlife Herefords

John Shipman

Contact John @ (660) 221-1013

Mora, MO

Morgan Farms

Rick Morgan

Contact Rick @ (417) 214-2769

Finished Cattle processed with Creekstone

CAB Quality

Lamar, MO

Triple H Farms

Jim Howard

Contact Jim @ (573) 218-3720

Farmington, MO

Kennedy Burch Farms 

Jered & Jenise Burch

Contact Jenise @ (417) 465-2234 

Email: [email protected]

Walker, MO

Ertel Cattle Company 

Processed at Special D Meats in Macon, MO. 

Ginger Ertel 

Contact Ginger @ (660) 234-5265


Warden Brothers Angus 

Robert Warden

Contact Robert @ (636) 375-0708

Email: [email protected]

Patton, MO

Breezin' B Farm

Gregg Bailey

Email: [email protected]

Cook Charolais

Gail Cook (573) 338-2560

Brandon Cook (573) 338-0888

Chad Cook (573) 821-2478

Email:  [email protected]

Jamestown, Missouri

Ryan Family Farm

Danny Ryan

Contact Danny @ [email protected]

Silex, MO


Valley Oaks Angus 

Tony Ward

Contact Tony @  816-365-5930

Email: [email protected]


Missouri Gems - Toole Farms

Our beef is born and raised on our land on grass (and hay) only. 

No antibiotics or added hormones.

 Available in whole, half and quarter only at this time.  

Virginia Toole

Contact Virginia @ (816) 850-4728  or  (913) 548-2995

Email (preferred): [email protected]

Facebook: Missouri Gemz

Website: Missouri Gems Toole Farms

Williamson Ranch

Jason Williamson

Contact Jason @ (573) 225-4614

McCarty Cattle Company 

We sell beef eighths, quarters and halves.

Ashley McCarty

Contact Ashley @ (660) 341-8955

Kirksville, MO 

Moon Farms

Sam Moon

Contact Sam @ (573) 378-9187

Versailles, MO

Miller County Regional Stockyards 

State & USDA Inspected Beef. 

Individual cuts sold fresh and frozen.

Call (573) 392-5572

Eldon, Missouri

Lady Livestock Company

Staci, Macey & Emma Hurst 

Purebred Angus

Custom Processed Wholes, Halves, Quarters, 

Individual Cuts, upon request. 

Staci, Macey & Emma Hurst

Contact: Staci Hurst: (573) 418-4846

Email: [email protected]

Contact @ Macey Hurst: (573) 821-6982

Email: [email protected] 

Operations in Maries, Miller and Cole Counties 

Wardsville, MO

Hat Creek Cattle Company

Grass Fed - Grass Finished Beef

Jeremiah Thieman

Contact Jeremiah @ (417) 850-1092


Email: [email protected]

Lamar, MO

Grant Farms, LLC.

USDA Inspected

David & Fran Grant

Contact David @ (573) 819-1109 

Email: [email protected]

Contact Fran @ (573) 881-1199

Columbia, MO

Graham Farms 

We raise and finish high grading Angus cattle.

Selling 1/2 or whole beef delivered to our local locker plant.

Matt Graham

Contat Matt @ (573) 450-093   

Patterson, MO

BF Beef

Libby Foster 

Contact Libby @ (660) 679-1194


Butler, MO

Koch Cattle, LLC.

Mike Koch

Contact Mike at (314) 496-7280

Farm Raised Beef for Your Freezer

Utterback Farms 

 Quarter, Halves and Whole Beef

Sold on the rail, hanging weight and the purchaser pays processing.

Alan Utteback

Contact Alan @ (573) 473-4041

Email: [email protected]

Woehrer Farms

Jon Woehrer

Contact Jon @ (573) 230-2449

Centertown, MO

Silverleaf Land & Cattle

Orland & Rhonda Oesch

Contact us @ (660) 646-4729

Mooresville, MO

Kagay Farms

Bryant Kagay 

Contact Bryant @ (816) 724-1825

Email: [email protected]

Maysville, MO

Gayle Stuart

Contact Gayle:

(H) (573) 594-2688 63382 

(C) (573) 473-6568

E-mail:  [email protected]

Vandalia, MO 

Mexico Premium Meats

Bastian Cattle Co. 

USDA Inspected. Selling as individual cuts, 1/4s, 1/2s and wholes.
Melinda Bastian: 573-253-6104

Brittany Bastian: 573-975-0623

Kailey Bastian: 573-795-7436 

Email: [email protected]


Hidden D Cattle Company

Contact Katie Dames:

Phone: (573) 231-5414


Palmyra, MO


Sunny Creek

Steve Schotthofer

Pasture-raised Jersey Beef

Hormone Free

Phone: 417-630-1456

E-mail:  [email protected]


Elkland, MO 


Safley Farm

Jacob & Katie Safley

High quality, corn finished beef available in individual cuts, 1/4s, 1/2s, and wholes.

Contact Katie at:

Phone: 816-776-9028

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: @SafleyFarm

Hardin, MO


JB Kobe Farms

Justin Baker

USDA Inspected farm-raised American Kobe beef, by appointment only.

Contact Justin at:

Phone: 417-849-1227 (call or text)

Email: [email protected]


Nixa, MO


Kueckelhan Farms

Tim & Julie Kueckelhan

Pasture-raised, grain-finished beef available May-September and January.

Email: [email protected]


Boonville, MO


The Covered Bridge Market

Mike Wyss

 Call Mike at: 573-782-4613

[email protected]

Russellville, MO


Turnbow Livestock

Pasture-raised, Grain-finished Black Angus beef

Tim: 660-624-0428

Herb: 660-624-3581

Email: [email protected]


Facebook: @TurnbowLivestock

Warrensburg, MO

4 Springs Beef

Bruce & Gina Kuda

NO antibiotics or added hormones. Processed and packaged at USDA inspected facility.

1/4's, 1/2's, or whole beef available as well as lean ground beef by the pound. 

Delivery available.

Contact Gina: 573-338-6772

Email: [email protected]


AJB Farms

Aaron J. Brown

Grass fed beef available.

Contact Aaron for more information


Salmon Enterprises, LLC

Josh & Lawanna Salmon

Farm Fresh Beef Available!

Contact Lawanna: 660-492-7259

Contact Josh: 417-321-4515

Facebook Page: @Salmon Enterprises, LLC

Email: [email protected]

Appleton City

Betz Farms    

Scott & Sherri Betz

Locker beef for sale, sold on the rail at a local locker.

Call us at: (660) 635-0381 

 Trenton, MO

Schnurbush Farms

Selling high quality Angus quarter, half, and whole beef. Hormone and steroid free, servicing the Southeast Missouri area.

Contact Matt Schnurbusch at 573-768-4874 or by email at [email protected]

Perryville, MO

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