Atzenweiler Honored with Distinguished Service Award

| August 5, 2021

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI (August 3, 2021) - The Livestock Publications Council recently awarded Andy Atzenweiler, Missouri Beef Cattleman magazine publisher, the 2021 Distinguished Service Award. Along with his father, Atzenweiler created a legacy in the livestock publications business. His father started the Missouri Beef Cattleman in the 1970s, publishing the first issue in June of 1971. The publication became the official publication of the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association.   

Andy Atzenweiler started working for the publication following graduation from Kansas State University in 1986 and began running the publication alongside his father. In January of 2000, Andy became the editor and publisher of the magazine, while his father, Larry, focused almost entirely on advertising. In 2015, MCA entered into a contract with Andy to purchase the magazine. During this process, Andy was instrumental in working with MCA staff to ensure a smooth transition.    

While hesitant to overhaul the magazine because of all the work he and his family put into the magazine, he participated in a facelift of the publication in 2016 and was crucial to the success of the overhaul. The magazine was awarded the Livestock Publications Council’s James Flanagan Most Improved Publication Award in 2017.    

"Andy’s legacy in the publications business is admirable, but his commitment to give back and engage in organizations like LPC reveals Andy’s heart. He wants to serve others and help ensure their success in a business that has treated him well," said MCA Executive Vice President. "Andy and I are about as different human beings that you can find anywhere, but I’m honored to work with him and call him a friend. If we were in the Wizard of Oz, I would be the Tin Man and he would be the Lion." 

Congratulations, Andy!