MCA Applauds Cattle Market Conversations in Congress

| July 29, 2021

COLUMBIA, MISSOURI (July 29, 2021) - Missouri Cattlemen’s Association applauds the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee and U.S. House Agriculture Committee for hosting hearings regarding the state of the nation’s beef supply chain, a top priority of the organization.   

“The time spent and conversations had on behalf of our members and America’s cattle producers do not go unnoticed,” said MCA President Patty Wood. “Finding solutions to these issues is a critical next step.”   

Increasing concern over the cattle industry, price reporting and market availability have lead to bipartisan conversations in Washington, D.C. Leaders on local and national levels are looking forward to more discussion but know there is a long road ahead. 

“We are encouraged to see this issue finally coming to the forefront as we are ready to push forward meaningful, long-term structural changes in the beef cattle markets. The goal is robust price discovery and market transparency that will afford all segments of this industry the opportunity for profitability, and many of these hearings involved calls for the same,” MCA President-Elect Bruce Mershon said. 

While MCA has been leading the charge for long-term structural changes in beef cattle markets and calls for investigations into the two black swan events, MCA has committed more time and resources at home and in Washington, D. C., to pass meaningful measures to address price discovery and market transparency.  

“We continue to urge our representation to facilitate these conversations and support legislative action to ensure farmers and ranchers receive honest and fair treatment,” said Wood. “In the United States, we enjoy the safest, most reasonably priced food source in the world, and this is a step toward protecting that.”