Feral Hog Legislation Approved by Governor

| July 15, 2021

JEFFERSON CITY, MISSOURI (July 15, 2021) - Governor Mike Parson signed priority legislation of the Missouri Cattlemen's Association this week. Region 3 Vice President Jeff Reed, Wayne County, traveled to Jefferson City for the event, as he had many times prior to testify in support of the legislation. 

Sponsored by Rep. Tim Taylor (R-48), HB 369 toughens penalties for knowingly or recklessly releasing feral swine into the wild. The signed provision, originally sponsored by Sen. Lincoln Hough (R-30) and Rep. Don Rone (R-149), could result in hefty fines for violators and a second guilty conviction carries the possibility of a class E felony. The change in penalties is intended to deter individuals from intentionally releasing destructive swine into Missouri’s landscape. 

“The economic destruction taking place in my region from feral hogs impacts more than just farmers and ranchers," Reed said. "It impacts rural economic development and small businesses who depend on the agricultural sector for their income.” 

MCA appreciates the efforts of Gov. Parson, Sen. Hough, Rep. Taylor and Rep. Rone to protect Missouri livestock producers.