House Passes Legislation to Reform Eminent Domain Laws

| February 25, 2021

- MCA Priority Garners 123-33 Bipartisan Vote 

 JEFFERSON CITY, MISSOURI (Feb. 25, 2021) – Priority legislation of the Missouri Cattlemen's Association (MCA) was passed through the Missouri House of Representatives on Thursday, February 25, 2021. HB 527 calls for the prohibition of for-profit companies using the power of eminent domain to make money at the expense of landowners while providing little to no benefit to the state. Rep. Mike Haffner (R-55) sponsored the legislation.  

The Missouri House of Representatives passed the legislation with a bipartisan 123-33 vote. MCA Executive Vice President Mike Deering said the legislation protects private property rights. 

“Eminent domain was intended to be used as a last resort for critical needs and infrastructure benefiting the citizens of this state. It was never intended to be used by companies to acquire cheap land for private gain, which amounts to a pervasive invasion of private property rights,” said Deering. “On this issue, we will not waver.”  

Deering said MCA is committed to taking proactive steps to protect producers' private property rights. As a result of today’s vote, the legislation will move to the senate. The senate version of the bill, SB 508, is sponsored by Sen. Jason Bean (R-25).