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   Do you belong in MCA? 


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Membership in MCA is open to anyone who is interested in accomplishing the mission of MCA. MCA’s policies and priorities are established through the time tested grassroots process it has followed since 1911.

Every producer member of MCA may introduce policy concepts to the membership during the annual meeting. The MCA Board of Directors addresses interim policy needs to any member of the Board throughout the year.

Associate members of MCA are also very important to the success of MCA. Non-producers wanting to support the MCA may join as associate members. MCA has memberships for collegiate and junior members. MCA membership represents thousands of producers across Missouri, and our associate memberships are from around the globe.



Missouri Beef Checkoff 

To be eligible to vote during the Missouri Beef Referendum:

  • Producers are required by state law to register.
  • Any cattle producer or entity having sold at least one head of cattle in any of the three previous years is eligible to register.
  • A cattle producer is any individual, firm, corporation, partnership, or unincorporated association engaged within this state in the business of producing bovine animals for market.
  • Marketing History is required by section 275.330.5 RSMo, and must be included for the registration to be valid. Cattle producers may register marketing history using the number of cattle that represent their interest in the business.
    Register online here or print and mail the form available here

  Voter registration ends March 4

Ballots will be mailed to registered producers April 4. Ballots must be returned with a postmark deadline of April 15, to be considered valid. Results will be announced April 25.