MFA Fair Share

Why pay you fair share?

Your Missouri Cattlemen’s Association is committed to preserving the future of the cattle industry by working diligently to pass legislation beneficial to producers, while defeating legislation and regulations that threaten our very survival. We have made significant progress, but our work is far from complete. It is vital that we keep our message in front of policymakers. We must continue to fight government intrusion and stop the pervasive invasion of our private property rights. A key component to our success is resources. We have to have the dollars, people and ambition to protect this industry from well-funded extremists who want nothing more than to see a “For Sale” sign on your farm or ranch. These people do not want you to raise cattle in this state and they have the resources available to stymie your ability to make a living and to keep your farm or ranch in business for future generations. We have been successful, while being outmatched financially, but we have an opportunity to do better with the help of MFA Incorporated. Fair Share dues are 50 cents per head on top of your base membership dues. Money is tight but the existence of your farm and ranch is important. Right? And you don’t want your farm or ranch to merely exist. Right? You want it to thrive and continue on from generation to generation. Right? By investing in your industry - by seeing the big picture - you can do your part to ensure Missouri remains one of the top states in the country to raise cattle. If you were to hire someone to represent you in Washington, D.C., or Jefferson City, you would pay no less than $15,000 annually. If everyone steps up and pays Fair Share, your small investment can have a huge impact. Now is the time to do everything within your power to keep Missouri’s beef cattle industry booming. Now is the time to protect your private property rights and demonstrate that you have no tolerance for big money extremist groups who want to spread fiction as fact. What we do today will forecast our tomorrow.