37th Annual MCA All- Breeds Junior Show
June 8-10, 2018 
      Missouri State Fairgrounds Sedalia, MO

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2017 Results:

Top 5 Heifers
Grand- Brittany Eagleburger, Foundation Simmental, Buffalo
Reserve- Paisley Nelson, Chianina, Platte City
3rd- Cody Heavin, Limousin, Springfield
4th- August Bertz, Red Angus, Mayview
5th- Chase Monte, Angus Bred and Owned, Mexico

Top 5 Market Animals
Grand- Brennen Davis, Maintainer, Excello
Reserve- Cole Murphy, Hereford, Houstonia
3rd- Kylee Dameron, Shorthorn Plus, Silex
4th- Annaliese Mead, Angus, Barnett
5th- Tucker Myers, Market Heifer, Faucett 

Breed Champions
Bred and Owned Heifer: Grand- Chase Monte, Reserve- Paige Birk
Owned Heifer: Grand- Lucas Crutcher, Reserve- Olivia Gerloff
Cow/Calf: Grand- Alexis Borgstadt, Reserve- Rance Wheeler
Bull: Grand- Paige Birk, Reserve- Brittany Eagleburger
Steer: Grand- Annaliese Mead, Reserve- Sean Houston

Charolais Heifer: Grand- Paige Shelton, , Reserve- Clarisa Grass  Bull: Grand- Tyler Livengood, Reserve- Colton Grass

Charolais Composite Heifer: Grand- Tyler Livengood
Steers: Grand- Max Alexander, Reserve- Chase Simmons

Chianina Heifer: Grand- Paisley Nelson, Reserve- Dalton Hoover Steers: Grand- Manda Jennings, Reserve- Dalton Hoover
Gelbvieh Heifer: Grand- Gage Swindler, Reserve- Cameron Nowack Bull: Grand- Carter Mitchell Steer: Grand- Carter Mitchell

Balancer Heifer: Grand- Karley Rumfelt, Reserve- Cameron Nowack

 Heifer: Grand- Claire Silvers, Reserve- Taylor Miller
Cow/Calf: Grand- Aiden Kleinman, Reserve- Ellen Jackson
Bull: Grand- Taylor Miller, Reserve- Taylor Miller
Steer: Grand- Cole Murphy, Reserve- Makayla Reynolds

Maine Heifer: Grand- Nick Rhodes, Reserve- Kaitlin Fifer Cow/Calf: Grand- Nick Rhodes Bull: Grand- Haley Fitzpatrick, Reserve- Kelly Baldon

Heifer: Grand- Sarah Tate, Reserve- Tyler Gerke
Bull: Grand- Haley Fitzpatrick, Reserve- Trace Alexander

Red Angus
Heifer: Grand- August Bertz, Mayview, Reserve- Brett Sartin

Heifer: Grand- Hannah Webb, Reserve- Dalton Reynolds
Steer: Grand- Neal Barnett, Reserve- Valerie Barnett

Heifer: Grand- Cody Heavin, Reserve- Mikah Edwards
Cow/Calf: Grand- Jillian Mudd
Bull: Grand- Ranae Poole, Reserve- Jordan Mudd
Steer: Grand- Drake Wood, Reserve- Austin Hunt

Shorthorn Heifer: Grand- Steston Klise, Reserve- Nadalyn Sartin Bulls: Grand- Danny Powell, Reserve- Bradyn Powell Steers: Grand- Danielle Wildschurtz, Reserve- Danny Powell

Shorthorn Plus  
Heifer: Grand- Kristin Penn, Reserve- Kameron Collier
Steer: Grand- Kylee Dameron, Reserve- Jarden Milligan

Foundation Simmental
Heifer: Grand- Brittany Eaglebuger, Reserve- Paige Henderson
 Bull: Grand- Paige Nelson, Reserve- Brenden Kempker
Steer: Grand- Davon Jennings

Heifer: Grand- Grace Erickson, Reserve- Paisley Nelson
 Cow/Calf: Grand- Grace Erickson, Reserve- Ethan Vanderwert
Bull: Grand- Hailey Eads
Steer: Grand- Hayden Fisher

Heifer: Grand- Cole Murphy, Reserve- Kylea Ingram
Steer: Grand- Dylan Deuschle, Reserve- Spencer Ashworth

Market Heifer
Grand- Tucker Myers, Reserve- Brooke Nowack

Showmanship Results
Junior Showmanship (8-13)
Angus- Lucas Crutcher, Fair Grove
Charolais- Chase Simmons, Unionville
Chianina- Manda Jennings, Ewing
Gelbvieh/ Balancer- Gage Swindler, Braymer
Hereford- Cole Murphy, Houstonia
Limousin- Ellie Dill, Marshfield
Maine/ Mainetainer- Brennen Davis, Excello
Red Angus- Dillion O’Dell, Chillicothe
Shorthorn/ Shorthorn Plus- Lexi Smith, Nevada
Simmental/ Foundation Simmental- Chenzney Early, Leeton
Crossbred- Austin Brown, Auxvasse

Supreme Grand Champion Junior Showman- Lucas Crutcher
Supreme Reserve Grand Champion Junior Showman- Cole Murphy


Senior Showmanship (14-21)
Angus- Carrie Otte, St. Mary
Charolais- Tyler Livengood, Warrensburg
Chianina- Dalton Hoover, Bogard
Gelbvieh/ Balancer- Karley Rumfelt, Phillipsburg
Hereford- Julie Choate, Pleasant Hope
Limousin- Cody Heavin, Springfield
Maine/ Mainetainer- Tyler Gerke, Smithton
Red Angus- August Bertz, Mayview
Saler- Valerie Barnett, Wellington
Shorthorn/ Shorthorn Plus- Kameron Collier, Adrian
Simmental/ Foundation Simmental- Brittany Eagleburger, Buffalo
Crossbred- Alex Primm, Macon

Supreme Grand Champion Senior Showman- Cody Heavin
Supreme Reserve Grand Champion Senior Showman- Carrie Otte


Photo Contest
Junior Division (8-13)
People: 1- Ella Jordan, St. Joseph, 2- Paighton Witt, Leslie
Cattle: 1- Gage Swindler, Braymer, 2- Reed Benne, Kingdom City
Around the Farm: 1- Kelly Baldon, Polo, 2- Ella Jordan, St. Joseph
Landscape: 1- Ella Jordan, St. Joseph, 2- Kelly Baldon, Polo

Senior Division (14-21)
People: 1- Lauren Gilbert, Oldfield, 2- Bailey Klise, New London
Cattle: 1- Lauren Gilbert, Oldfield, 2- Bailey Klise, New London
Around the Farm: 1- Lauren Gilbert, Oldfield, 2- Kaylee Lower, Humansville
Landscape: 1- Kaylee Lower, Humansville, 2- Lauren Gilbert, Oldfield

Overall Winner: Kaylee Lower, Humansville- Picture Title: Cattlemen Looking Down

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