37th Annual MCA All- Breeds Junior Show
June 7 - 9, 2019 
      Missouri State Fairgrounds - Sedalia, MO

2018 Results:

Top 5 Heifers

Supreme Champion Heifer
Alexis Koelling, Curryville, MO  
Angus - 9/2/16 – EXAR Forever Lady 6883

Reserve Supreme Champion Heifer 
Rance Wheeler, Paris, MO 
 Crossbred - 4/6/17 

3rd Overall Heifer 

Lucas Crutcher, Fair Grove, MO
Foundation Simmental- 9/16/17- SJW Pride Lass 796E

4th Overall Heifer 

Cody Heavin, Springfield, MO
Limousin - 12/4/17 - Auto Lucky Clover 468E

5th Overall Heifer 

Rance Wheeler, Paris, MO
Angus – 2/5/17 – Conley PR Mulben Pride 7118

Top 5 Market Animals

Supreme Champion Market Animal

Hailey Eads, Trenton, MO – Market Heifer - 970#  

Reserve Supreme Champion Market Animal 

Tory Miller, Lebanon, MO – Hereford - 1080# 

3rd Overall Market Animal

Selestia Angell, Centralia, MO – Charolais Composite—1295#

4th Overall Market Animal

Morgan Lazenby, West Plains, MO – Mainetainer—1145# 

5th Overall Market Animal 

Grace Busch, St. James, MO – Angus - 1130#

Breed Champions 

Bred and Owned Heifer: Grand - Mardee Sadowsky, Reserve - Chase Monte
Owned Heifer: Grand - Alexis Koelling, Reserve - Rance Wheeler
Cow/Calf: Grand - Olivia Gerloff, Reserve - Nathan Meek 
Bull: Grand - Ciara Raithel, Reserve - Chase Monte 
Steer: Grand - Grace Busch, Reserve - Reba Colin

Charolais Heifer: Grand - Alexis Couldry , Reserve - Dustin Daehn Bull: Grand - Garrett Schuerring, Reserve - Tyler Livengood

Charolais Composite Heifer: Grand - Ryanne Crutcher, Reserve - Tyler Livengood
Steers: Grand - Selestia Angell 

Chianina Heifer: Grand - Paisley Nelson, Reserve - Dalton Hoover Steers: Grand - Dalton Hoover, Reserve - Morgan Lazenby Gelbvieh Heifer: Grand - Jacie Caroll, Reserve - Gage Swindler

Balancer Heifer: Grand - Cameron Nowack, Reserve - Cameron Nowack Bull: Grand - Brooke Nowack

Heifer: Grand - Tucker Myer, Reserve - Jorja Ebert
Cow/Calf: Grand - Morgan Crutsinger, Reserve - Aeris Barton 
Bull: Grand - Atley Kleinman, Reserve - Tory Miller
Steer: Grand - Tory Miller, Reserve - Avery Schiereck

Heifer: Grand - Morgan Lazenby, Reserve -  Kelsey Marek
Steer: Grand - Brecken James, Reserve - Jacob Heinsz

Mainetainer Heifer: Grand - Brennan Davis, Reserve - Jorja Ebert Bull: Grand - Haley Fitzpatrick Steer: Grand - Morgan Lazenby, Reserve - Kylee Glackin

Red Angus
Heifer: Grand - August Bertz, Reserve - August Bertz

Heifer: Grand - Elizabeth Stigall, Reserve - Dalton Reynolds
Steer: Grand - Valerie Barnett, Reserve - Neal Barnett

Heifer: Grand - Cody Heavin, Reserve - Mikah Edwards
Cow/Calf: Grand - Kaylee Lower
Bull: Grand - Kole Lewis, Reserve - Sam Callahan
Steer: Grand -  Sam Callahan, Reserve - Madilyn Smith

Shorthorn Heifer: Grand - Kylee Dameron, Reserve - Kolton Powell Bulls: Grand - Lexi Smith, Reserve - Lexi Smith Steers: Grand - Danielle Wildschurtz, Reserve - Danny Powell Jr.

Shorthorn Plus  
Heifer: Grand - Hailey Eads, Reserve - Stetson Klise 
Cow/Calf Pair: Grand - Kameran Collier
Bull: Grand - McKalie Lorenz, Reserve - Kaylee Lower

Foundation Simmental
Heifer: Grand - Lucas Crutcher, Reserve - William Brooks
Bull: Grand - Payton Kanoy, Reserve- Ethan Vanderwert 
Steer: Grand - Jared Milligan, Reserve - Austin Thomas

Heifer: Grand - Mikayla Storck, Reserve - Olivia Gerloff
Cow/Calf: Grand - Tasha Eggleston-Wood
Steer: Grand - Gunner Fisher, Reserve - Dalton Hoover

Heifer: Grand - Rance Wheeler, Reserve - Reba Colin
Cow/Calf Pair: Grand - Jadyn Lower, Reserve - Morgan Summers
Bull: Grand - Haley Fitzpatrick
Steer: Grand - Hunter Fransler, Reserve - Grady Woodcock

Market Heifer
Grand - Hailey Eads, Reserve - Kaitlyn Dobson

Showmanship Results
Junior Showmanship (8-13)
Angus - Victoria Busch
Charolais - Atley Patrick
Chianina - Paisley Nelson
Gelbvieh - Jacie Carroll
Balancer - Cameron Nowack
Hereford - Taylor Miller
Limousin - Kole Lewis
Maine - Brecken James
Mainetainer - Jorja Ebert
Red Angus - Danica Lowery
Salers - Elizabeth Stigall
Shorthorn - Kolton Powell
Shorthorn Plus - Lexi Smith 
Simmental - Olivia Walrod
Foundation Simmental - Hailey Eads
Crossbred - Rance Wheeler

Supreme Grand Champion Junior Showman - Olivia Walrod, Nevada, MO
Reserve Supreme Champion Junior Showman - Hailey Eads, Trenton, MO

Senior Showmanship (14-21) 

Angus - Ciara Raithel
Charolais - Dustin Daehn
Chianina - Dalton Hoover
Hereford - Tory Miller 
Limousin - Cody Heavin
Maine - Morgan Lazenby
Mainetainer - Kylee Glackin
Red Angus - August Bertz
Saler - Valerie Barnett
Shorthorn - Stetson Klise 
Shorthorn Plus - Kameron Collier
Simmental - Mikayla Storck
Foundation Simmental - Lucas Crutcher
Crossbred - Reba Colin

Supreme Grand Champion Senior Showman - Lucas Crutcher, Fair Grove, MO
Reserve Supreme Champion Senior Showman - Reba Colin, Butler, MO

Photo Contest
Junior Division (8-13)
Cattle: Gage Swindler – Looking for love
Landscape: Paighton Witt – Gateway to Greatness
People: Paighton Witt – Work Hard, Sleep Hard
Around the Farm or Ranch: Paighton Witt – Hard at Work

Senior Division (14-21)
Cattle: Tasha Eggleston-Wood – Pip Steak
Landscape: Tasha Eggleston-Wood – Sunset on the Farm
People: Kaylee Lower – Taking Care of God’s Planned Paradise
Around the Farm: Avery Schiereck – Sign of the Times

Overall Winner:                           
       Paighton Witt - Junior - Landscape - "Gateway to Greatness"


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