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35th Annual MCA All-Breeds Junior Show 
June 9-11, 2017 
      Missouri State Fairgrounds Sedalia, MO

New for this year's show will be Friday's afternoon clinics. The clinics will cover at- home care, nutrition, showmanship, fitting, and picking for purple. Friday evening will be the the annual Missouri Junior Cattlemen's membership meeting.  

For hotel information please call State Fair Inn or visit


Junior Show Entry Form

Junior Show Rules

 2017 Show Schedule

2017 Photo Contest Entry Form

2017 Photo Contest Rules

Results from 34th Annual MCA All Breed Junior Show
Results of the Photo Contest:
Around the Farm: Junior-Kaylee Lower, Senior-Lauren Gilbert
People: Junior-Katie Rechtermann, Senior-Mardee Sadowsky
Landscape: Junior-Ella Jordan, Senior-Lauren Gilbert
Cattle: Junior-Kaylee Lower, Senior-Jessica Huff
Overall Winner: Cattle Division: Kaylee Lower

Results from the Fitting Contest:
Champion Team: Reba Colin, Paige Birk, Carrie Otte, Elizabeth Otte
Reserve Team: Ciara Raithel, Wyatt Raithel, Chase Monte, Conrad Behlmann
Junior Board for 2016-17:
President: Zach Cook
VIce President: Elizabeth Otte
Secretary: Rayne Faulconer
Public Relations Director: Makayla Reynolds
Leadership/Membership Coordinator: Reba Colin
Past President: Anna Roth
Board Members: Sydney Thummel, Genesis Brannon, Aly Francis, Logan Shaw, Martha Cowherd

Show Results:
Top 5 Heifers
Supreme Champion: B & O Angus - Carter Ward
Res. Supreme Champ: Hereford - Tory Miller
Third Overall: Owned Angus - Carter Ward
Fourth Overall: Limousin - Brooklyn Adam
Fifth Overall: Res. Owned Angus - Rance Wheeler
Top 5 Steers
Supreme Champion: Charolais - Kade Ward
Res. Supreme Champ: Market Heifer - Hailey Eads
Third Overall: Crossbred - Dustin Daehn
Fourth Overall: Simmental - Ashley Bailey
Fifth Overall: Angus - Sean Houston

Thanks to all of our volunteers and sponsors!